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BioMist Bidet Cleaner – A Better Way to Clean

Safe – Effective – Eco-Friendly


Bio Bidet’s commitment to “clean” isn’t just limited to how a bidet can clean you.  The BioMist Bidet Cleaner puts the revolutionary natural cleaning power of steam in your hands.  The BioMist Bidet Cleaner uses steam technology to efficiently sanitize and clean your Bio Bidet seats while saving you time and effort.



Professional cleaning performance BIoMist Bidet Cleaner
1 ox/min steam vapor cleaning Short spray nozzle
Safety comfort system Extended connecting spray
Adjustable 3 bar pressure setting Measuring cup
Anti-drip system Long spray cup
Large capacity holds up to 12 oz Funnel
Pressure level indicator Spray cup with round brush
Ergonomic handle Angled spray cup
10 ft cable
Ready to clean in 3 minutes


  • Extend the Longevity of Your Bio Bidet Seat.  Bidets are not only used every single day but also multiple times a day making them one of the most utilized appliances in your household.  Give your bidet seat some TLC with the BioMist steam cleaner for a safe and thorough clean.





Water Does It Better.

The Power of Steam Vapor.

Steam is one of the most effective methods of cleaning surfaces today.  The precision anti drip cleaning nozzle allows you to aim pressurized steam vapor to the affected area which breaks apart impurities at the molecular level making it possible to easily wipe them off your bidet seat with a cloth.



A Thorough Clean.

Practicality and Versatility.

Multiple nozzle lengths and shapes make it possible for you to give your bidet seat a top to bottom cleaning.


Go Green, Think Steam.

Natural Cleaning Alternative.

The BioMist Bidet Cleaner uses only water and absolutely no chemicals that can leave a residue on your bidet seat and cause irritations to your skin.  This all-natural method is safer for you, your family, and for the environment.



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