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It's All About You

diverse ethnic diversity ethnicity community conceptThe best experience in personal hygiene etiquette can now be yours. When combing pure, clean water with a CleanButt Bidet, you can now create the ambiance of a relaxing and calming Spa in your own private bathroom retreat.

Personal hygiene has never been this clean, hygienic and fresh! From young to old, this bathroom appliance will become the most important fixture in your home and will offer a new lifestyle full of soothing, lavish comfort and refreshing convenience!

Based in Trinity, Florida, CleanButt.com has been educating and providing people all over the world since 2005 with better personal hygiene solutions that result in cleaner and healthier lifestyles for all our human customers. We pride ourselves in addressing very personal and private concerns surrounding the delicate and sensitive subject of personal bathroom hygiene.

We are proud to announce that as of January 2019, we are now an affiliate and distribution partner with BioBidet. Our wide selection of toilet and bidet appliances gives everyone the chance to find a personal hygiene solution that best meets the needs of them and their families.

Mission Statement

To provide the best in high-quality bidet products and spread awareness about the use and benefits of water, combined with modern bidet technology, for the best in clean, wholesome and healthy living.

Vision Statement

To redefine and improve personal hygiene etiquette to the highest level of well-being for all humanity.

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