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With so many options available in our selection, how can you choose the one that’s right for you? The key is to choose the kind of features that you want for the state-of-the-art bidet you wish to install in your bathroom.

These are the features you should consider:

  • Electric or Non-Electric?
    Some models require a connection to your supply in order to operate special features.
Photo of bidet

If you choose an electric model:

  • Pricing
    Our electric models range from $399 to $699. The more features are included, the more the model costs.
  • Remote or side panel?
    A remote-controlled model is great for those who want a convenient toileting experience or those whose physical and mental limitations make reaching around or stretching your arms difficult. Meanwhile, a side panel model is recommended in a household with many kids, since there is no need to fear misplacing a remote.
  • On-demand or water tank heating?
    On-demand heating instantly heats water in unlimited supply, while water tank heating allows you to constantly heat water at a set temperature when it is not in use.
  • Compatibility
    Some of our bidet models fit all standard 2 piece toilets and some 1 piece toilets. However, some of them may not fit toilets with unusual, such as 1 piece toilets with French curves and toilet tanks that connect to the base of the toilet. If your toilet is like one of these, contact us for more design options.

If you choose a non-electric model:

  • Seat or attachment only?
    Our bidet models come with a complete seat assembly that you can replace your seat and lid with. These new components are hydraulic for soft closing and are made of fire-retardant ABS resin. A side control panel can be installed on the right side of the user to operate the nozzle.
  • Ambient or warm water?
    Ambient bidets only require a cold water connection directly from your fresh water line. It starts at room temperature for the first 10 to 15 seconds before gradually cooling. Meanwhile, warm water bidets need both hot and cold water connections.
  • Single or dual nozzle?
    Single nozzle models are designed for posterior wash (also called family wash). These are easy to use, with a single pressure control knob. On the other hand, dual nozzle models are good for posterior and feminine wash, and even have a self-cleaning feature. The user can toggle between posterior or feminine wash using the extra control knob in the control panel.

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