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TP-70 Travel


TP-70 The Palm Portable Bidet



Travel Bidet. It is portable and affordable.
Portable TP70
Never be caught off guard again with the all new TP-70 travel bidet. This handheld bidet can easily fit into a purse, back pack, or car. The soft squeeze bottle allows you to use this without the need for batteries. Equipped with a longer nozzle and double the nozzle holes, the TP-70 will get the job done quickly and easily.

Fill and Use
Almost 100% longer nozzle than competition’s – 7.5″
Tap and Store
Angled nozzle for easy use
Full size reservoir – 230ml
Use tap water
Convenient carrying case included
TP-70 The Palm
7.5″ nozzle
450ml reservoir bottle
Carrying case
The Palm. Portable Bidet by Bio Bidet.
No power, No battery. Just Fill & Use.
The Palm TP-70 is the perfect solution for when you?re on the go and you want to take the benefits of a bidet with you.No batteries are required! Simply fill the reservoir with water, point, and spray. The nozzle extends and locks for spraying and retracts back into the water reservoir for easy storage.The TP-70 is small enough to store in purses, backpacks, and luggage.

Longer Nozzle with Tap-in Storage
The longer nozzle on the TP-70 was designed to reach further areas while keeping your hand as far away from the dirt as possible and also to minimize the need to bend your wrist.The nozzle is 7.5? long and angled at the end for an easy way to simply point and spray.The nozzle easily retracts into the body of the TP-70 with just a tap. No need to unscrew the top and store it in a way that gets your belongings wet. Simply tap the nozzle and it will store within the TP70 which you can also store in the convenient carrying pouch. Quick, simple, and practical!

More is better.
Higher water volume and pressure
One of the main advantage of The Palm TP-70 is that it has two sets of five nozzle holes for stronger water pressure and a wider area of cleaning.You will clean more area in less time with TP-70 Travel Bidet.Simply fill the reservoir and squeeze!



Controlled Water Pressure
With airlock
You are able to determine if you want more or less water pressure simply by only using your hands.The built-in air lock located at the base of the TP-70 prevents unwanted leakage simply by placing your finger over it.To begin cleaning, remove your finger from the air lock and squeeze the TP-70. It?s that quick and easy!



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