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Luxury Class A8 Serenity Bidet Toilet Seat
The start of a new class- the Serenity A8 encompasses all you need in a total cleaning system.

From the moment you sit down, you’ll know that the A8 was designed with your utmost comfort in mind. Soft curves offer reliable and dependable support for every user in your home. Serenity caters to all your senses in new ways.

The new uni-body design of the lid has a contemporary look with a singular silhouette that melds into the backdrop of your bathroom. The structure has been re-imagined to be more reliable and dependable for day-to-day use by the entire family. From regaining independence in the bathroom to paving the way towards learning proper hygiene, everyone can have a spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home.


Stainless steel nozzle Dual-sided wireless remote control
Oscillating User presets
Wide cleaning Uni-body design offers the prefect silhouette
Hybrid On-Demand heating system The best of both worlds, for the world. Hybrid heating
Massage cleaning Dual speed dryer
Satisfying posterior cleaning Adjustable heated seat
Soft feminine cleaning Night Light
Adjustable nozzle Intelligent body sensor
Nozzle self-clean Splash guard
Auto wash Slow closing seat/lid
User controlled warm water Quick release for easy cleaning
User controlled water pressure Eco mode
User controlled nozzle position User controlled Silent mode
User controlled aeration Hide away hose clips


The key word is.. “User Control”.
Serenity caters to all of your senses in new ways. User controls include the ability to change virtually everything from the softness of the spray, the chime of the controls, and the glow of the night light- all features that were previously not normally adjustable can now be modified from the dual-sided wireless remote.

You can change virtually everything from the softness of the spray, the chime of the controls, and the glow of the night light- all features that were not normally adjustable can now be modified from the dual-sided wireless remote. Dual-user presets are only a touch away.


Full of features.
The A8 has you crossing the finish line in the driver’s seat.  A truly personal experience is the goal of the new A8 design. Sound, sight, and temperature controls are now available, like never before.

  • Exclusive Dual Sided Wireless Remote Control
    Even more personalized control.Half the size and twice the control. The slim and sleek design of our new dual sided remote indulges every sense. No need to long for more, because it’s all right there; just a touch away.


Hideaway installation
The A8 Serenity cord is designed to line up along the baseline of the unit either to the left or right: your choice. The power cord is centered in the back to give you the freedom to swing the cord to either side. Built-in clips keep the cord snug against the unit to keep things looking fitted and clean.

              • Cleaning up messes
                In more than one way.Some things should not be seen and nobody wants to see unsightly cords anywhere especially in your bathroom where serene cleanliness is most appreciated. The Serenity A8 comes fitted with both a slim power cord as well as an extra slim water supply hose.

                Along with the hideaway clips on the A8, the power cord and water supply hose can be installed and neatly tucked behind the toilet eliminating any unsightly looping cords.

Ultra Clean. Stainless Steel Nozzle.
Not coated, not dipped, not sprayed.

We’ve used pure, solid steel for the Aura A7 model nozzle casing.

Pure stainless steel is extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear, and effortlessly cleaned.

      • 3 YEAR WARRANTY.
        The best warranty coverage in the industry.Bio Bidet values your business and always attempts to provide you the very best of service.USPA bidet seats come with prorated warranty coverage for 2 year from date of purchase on prorated base.

        It’s commitment from Bio Bidet to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability and reliability.



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  1. Hyun

    I have been using it for about 3 month now and I only have good things to say about it. Installation was breeze as it came with complete parts I needed. Took about 20 min. To complete. We love double sided remote, not only it looks good but very practical. A8 is loaded with ton of convenient features like user controlled night light, warm air dryer, deodorizer and I am a big fac for auto wash. Love it!

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  2. MagT

    I bought A8 model from Costco a couple month ago. Finally I decided to install last Friday. At first my water was leaking and I thought the parts were wrong . So I called the customer service. Ron helped me step by step via phone and guided me to re install the bidet since I was wrong for one step. He was so patient and thorough. It took him over hour to be with me to try again and again ( this was the first time in my life to touch plumbing lol) . Ron also adviced me to get plumbing tape to wrap around pipe ends. It worked perfectly. I have used for a week. Love the product. As others reviewd those nice features … it will change your life. Recommend you to get one. I am very happy with the product and Ron’s service !!

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  3. jerrrr bear

    I brought this product a month ago to replace the old one at home, it was a great value for the money, easy to instal

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  4. Lesliehuang

    Got the product today, was easy to install and my daughter loves it so far.Whenever family and friends come over they get amazed by the product. Would def recommend to family and friends to get it

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  5. molly24

    My parents introduced me to bidets, and since I’ve been dreaming of having one in my own apartment. BioBidet Serenity was easy to install and is a dream come true. It gets the job done.

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  6. CookieBookie

    I’ve always had a bidet attachment that I bought on Amazon. But I just found out about these electric bidets that replace your seat. The water is warm! The seat is warm! Water stream is so much more focused than my attachment. Remote control is super easy to follow. NO REGRETS!

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  7. kostmj

    I Just purchased this item 3 days ago, and two of us have been running it through its paces testing all the features. This is a great unit that won’t disappoint. My parents have been long time customers of bio bidet so they recommend I try them out. I am glad I did, this seat is awesome. It is clearly the best if you ask me. I love the auto feature on it. you push one button and your but goes through a car wash for your but, once that is done you get blown dry completely. This is truly a bidet that will make touching your bum with toilet paper a thing of the past. The Bidet has many modes including a turbo, but is gentle enough that it never gives that odd feeling of to much pressure. Then there is the drying option it is great there are multiple temperature options and two fan speeds for a faster dry cycle. Now that I said all that. There is the second part of this and why my parents recommended them. You cannot beat the customer service you get from Bio Bidet. It is the best customer service ever. I actually took a road trip and drove over 300 miles round trip to buy this seat direct from the company office. I am one of those that wants to see it and touch it before I buy it kind of people. They were more then happy to accommodate us and if it wasn’t on display they went and pulled one to open up and show us. Spencer met us in the parking lot as we pulled up and greeted us. Taking care of us from the moment we pulled in to the loading of the unit in the car. They even offered to carry it and load it for us. The service and the quality of the build make this an unmatched option, and the only place to purchase one of these units if you ask me. And again I love the A8 is looks nice fits the toilet beautifully and is easy to use.

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  8. JOJO

    Pro: Price. Overall, the seat seems build with good quality. It has all the major functions: warm water/seat, dryer, adjustable water position/pressure etc. Water pressure is good.

    Con: Temperature of the dryer is fixed and somewhat low, so it is hard to get dry soon. I often see some water on the seat after use, possibly because of the massage mode. No automatic top lid open. this is one of my favorite function on my Toto seat.

    It not a perfect toilet seat. While for a much lower price than Toto, it’s fine to have it in my 2nd bath room.

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