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The Ultimate Comfort Experience

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Advanced Smart Toilet
made for every body.

Our most advanced bidet toilet system yet. Treat yourself to the ultimate bathroom upgrade.

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Touchless Dual Flush Stainless Steel Bidet Nozzle Comfortable Warm Air-Dryer Auto Open Lid (P770 Only)


Expanded Comfort Seat
A revolutionary design that compliments both your bathroom and your body. Make every trip to the bathroom a clean and comfortable experience.

The Prodigy adjusts to your habits and automatically activates the proper size flush when necessary.

Auto Open & Close
(P770 Model only)

We’ve got you covered. Purchase with confidence knowing your Prodigy is protected.

There’s no need to call the plumber. Simply follow the installation process detailed in the manual, or give us a call.


Control your flush.

Effective and efficient options.

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P770, P700


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  1. Christian

    Feel Like Royalty

    I recently moved into a new home and planned on changing out the toilet in my master bath. After seeing the Prodigy, I decided to make the jump and install a bidet toilet system. This is hands down one of the best purchases I have EVER made. You don’t realize how much you’re missing out until you upgrade to one of these. The aesthetic is incredibly sleek, but more importantly, the design is STURDY. The controls are super easy to follow, and the seat shape is surprisingly comfortable. I have a pretty standard bathroom setup and was able to install everything in about an hour with an extra set of hands. Now I feel like royalty every time I enter my bathroom. (The automatic open is definitely a highlight!) Five stars.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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  2. Smart Home Fam

    Happy I purchased
    We were doing a bath renovation on a budget, but so happy we chose this toilet. Be sure you have access to an outlet to plug in the power cord. Otherwise installation is just like a regular toilet.

    My favorite part is the fact that the lid automatically opens and the toilet flushes when you stand up! Literally a no touch operation.

    By far the best price and design we could find.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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  3. AaronD

    Series of WOW factors

    I purchased Prodigy during pre-order special. I have never had a smart toilet or used a bidet but it was something I have always wanted to try so I took a deal and I could not be happier about my purchase.

    Some of my favorite features are wider seat and auto open, and auto flush.

    Wider seat is especially my favorite as it is far beyond anything I have experienced. It is so much more comfortable than standard toilet seat.

    Tankless design is so compact, luxurious and practical. There is no water reservoir meaning no water stain or mold build up. What a briliant idea!

    Yes, price is little higher than standard toilets but still far less than most of smart toilets in the category. I believe it is worth every penny and I surely recommend this product.

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  4. Shopper

    Luxury toilet and bidet upgrade

    I’m so glad I purchased the Prodigy. The tankless design give it a modern, sleek look. It’s so easy to clean and the flush is very powerful. Best of all, it has a fully featured luxury bidet. It was fairly easy to install. The auto open and close is one of those features that I didn’t know I wanted until I had it! Definitely recommend.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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  5. Rob and Sydney

    Best bathroom feature

    I can’t believe I waited this long to upgrade my bathroom! This toilet has every feature imaginable and comes at a very reasonable price.

    We love the way it looks and all of our guests are impressed with the auto opening lid and seat. My favorite purchase of 2019!

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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  6. BidetBadger

    A Very Smart Toilet

    I’ve had bidets before, but this one really stands out. Where to start? The design is sleek. The toilet seat is larger than a typical seat and has a rectangular shape. There is a sensor and the lid opens automatically when you approach. It also closes and flushes after you stand up. Of course it has all the features we love…warm seat, heated water, multiple cleansing functions, dual flush, night light and large, easy to read and use remote control. I was a little bit skeptical of the tankless design, but this has great water pressure for the wash functions and the flushes are powerful. Overall it is well made and designed to last!

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  7. Wonder Horse

    Fantastic bathroom upgrade!

    I bought this bidet to replace an older tank style basic toilet and WOW, I did not know what I was missing till now. From the tankless system to the auto flush option, this bidet has exceeded all expectations and I highly recommend this for anyone considering or in the market for a new toilet/experience.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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  8. JoJack

    At first i thought that the square seat would be uncomfortable but was i wrong! The seat is so nice to sit on, the cleaning pressure is great and the flushing is powerful!

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