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A Bliss series Bidet Seats inspired by Bio Bidet.

The highly anticipated premier bidet class unveils a groundbreaking new breed of cleansing technology.

Experience the distinction between the limitations of the past and the technological freedom of the Premier Bidet Class with a vast selection of cleaning methods and witness the latest level of unprecedented cleanliness with the exclusive inside-out nozzle cleaning technology.

Know no boundaries in reaching your highest level of personal hygiene with a Bliss series bidet.


Hybrid On-Demand heating system U-Pick wireless remote controls (BB-2000)
Stainless steel nozzle Patent pending Hydro-Flush
Patented 3-in-1 nozzle system Motorized nozzle clean
Auto wash Touch screen panel (BB-2000)
Wider water stream Contoured side panel (BB-1700)
Oscillating One-touch nozzle replacement
Wide cleaning Night light (BB-2000)
Pulsating Adjustable heated seat
Massage cleaning Powerful deodorizer
Patented vortex water stream Intelligent body sensor
Satisfying posterior cleaning Adjustable warm air dry
Soft feminine cleaning Slow closing
Bubble infusion Quick release for easy cleaning
Sitz-bath Automatic power save
Nozzle self-clean 3 year full warranty


    Ingenuity, Beauty, & Convenience.New Bliss advanced bidet toilet seat adds everything you wanted in a Premier class bidet.A new design is flat-out lovely, both to look at and to use. Discover for yourself a new level of quality when you fit a Bliss appliance in your bathroom.An entirely monochromatic design feels distant and isolating so we’ve added a highly luxurious pearlscent finish to the top bar to brighten and modernize the ambiance.

    The body of the Bliss is a fluid silhouette that transforms the model into something that emanates indulgence and a new level of living.

    Learn more about Bliss design in “DESIGN” tab.



  • BREAKTHROUGH.Hybrid heating technology, Built to last.Brilliant innovation of Hybrid water heating technology is proven to be
    one of the most effective and reliable instant water heating methods.We developed a new Hybrid Heating Technology that utilizes the best features
    from both instant heating and heating technologies.

    The new Hybrid Heating System combines water flow and temperature
    consistency with a limitless duration to produce continuous warm and
    rejuvenating water flow.

    Learn more about Hybrid heating technology on “HEATING” tab.

  • frontalview

  • Bidet Seat
  • The Legacy Continues
    Patented 3 in 1 nozzle.Bio Bidet signature 3 in 1 nozzle with vortex water stream with highest water volume for gratifying cleaning experience.The one nozzle three port system has been shown to be more reliable and effective than the more standard single or two nozzle systems.3-in-1 nozzle system includes signature vortex water stream, excellent posterior wash, and softer feminine wash with bubble infusion technology.

    Learn more about this feature in “ULTRA CLEAN” tab.

    Remote control for hygiene and convenience.Is it black or white that fits your personal taste or bathroom decor better?We’ve increased the luxury aspect and added a wireless remote control to Bliss BB-2000. No struggling to see of which the selection buttons anymore. Wonderfully simple to use, we just know you’ll love it.Sleek and modernized convenient wireless remotes are available in both white or black as “U-PICK” offer exclusive to Bliss BB-2000.

    Learn more about this feature in U-PICK tab.

  • remote

  • nozzle
  • Ultra Clean. Stainless Steel Nozzle.
    with EXCLUSIVE Hydro-Flush TechnologyNot coated, not dipped, not sprayed.We’ve used pure, solid steel for the Bliss model nozzle casing.Pure stainless steel is extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear, and effortlessly cleaned.

    Patent pending Hydro-Flush technology cleans nozzle inside-out for maximum hygiene.

    Exclusive CleanSurge Rapid Self-Cleaning is yet another exclusive feature only for the Bliss series. At the touch of a button, the built-in motor repeatedly extracts and retracts the nozzle while water flows over the nozzle.

    Learn more about this feature in ULTRA CLEAN tab.

Bidet Seat

          • 3 YEAR 100% WARRANTY.The best warranty coverage in the industry.Bio Bidet values your business and always attempts to provide you the very best of service.Bliss bidet seats come with 100% warranty coverage for 3 full years from date of purchase.It’s commitment from Bio Bidet to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability and reliability.
          • 3 years warranty

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  1. Ramz

    I bought this from costco.. Great product! I would higly recommend.

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  2. ChrisB

    Upon my wife’s recommendation, I bought the BB-2000. I had no experience with any toilet seat, such as this, and was skeptical. Once I got familiar with the functions, I was pleasantly surprised how well it washes. I have as much confidence getting off the seat clean as if I had washed the posterior while taking a shower.

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  3. LarryW

    I replaced my older Uspaa bidet model and found my new BB-2000 cleans much better! The water stream is much more powerful when you read the directions and set it up to its highest. This will save much TP! Also, loved the fact that the noise of the auto deodorize feature can be turned off so as not to disturb others in the middle of the night. My only difficulty was during installation when I could not get the seat bolted tight enough onto the toilet to avoid the whole seat slipping to the side. Problem seems to be the provided tightening nut causing friction with the underside of the rubber washers. The solution turned out to be putting a thin nylon “slip” washer between each rubber seat washer and the nut. I actually robbed the nylon washers that used this concept and came included with my old Uspaa model. I recommend that Biobidet include these two slip washers in their parts package! All ended up good!

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  4. Mike3422

    Great unit. Paid half of previous unit. Installed in 15 minutes.

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  5. JohnQ

    I wish I had purchased this BioBidet product years ago.

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  6. ArunB

    I bought this week back and this is my 2nd bio-bidet and all I can say it is you wouldn’t regret it.

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  7. Rooster95

    First bidet ever. I live in the country and thought just paper savings alone through septic tank would be a plus. I won’t ever go without one now. The remote is super easy to operate. I’m a clean freak. I have no regrets and would recommend this product to anyone looking to enjoy the right way!

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  8. th6314

    Excellent savings on toilet paper, and the seat warming is the cherry on top!

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