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A1 Handheld Bidet Sprayer

(8 customer reviews)


by Bio Bidet



A1 Handheld Bidet Sprayer with Ceramic Pressure Valve
You are in Control! Adjustable water pressure handheld bidet sprayer by Bio Bidet.

Welcome to the expanding future of toilet use and cleanliness. The all new A1 Hand Held spray is designed to move your bathroom?s technology further into the future. The A1 Hand Held Spray is designed to reduce your waste in the bathroom while also improving your own cleanliness feel.

Adjustable Water Pressure
Uses Ceramic Valve
Dual Sprayer
6″ Comfortable grab body 1ea Bidet Sprayer
58″ Metal Spiral Hose 58″ Metal Spiral Hose
Slim Sleek Design 1ea 7/8″ brass T
Easy D.I.Y installation 1ea Mount Kit
No electricity or batteries required 1ea Manual
Room temperature water
Build to last.
Universal T valve

Yup! It is better.
The A1 will change the way you imagine a bidet. The sleek and simplified design means no detail has been overlooked. Adding A1 to your home will surely enhance your next bathroom experience.

A Dual Spray Pattern is available, with the turn of a head. Wide spray delivers water with ease, leaving you feeling good and refreshed.

Single stream spray ensures you are clean and gives you flexibility, as it can double as a diaper sprayer.


  • Ceramic Pressure Valve.
    Built to last.Using quality materials proven to last the test of time, gives you peace of mind. This enriched design outperforms other plastic valve systems.Smooth response from our ceramic core, single thumb control, uses the newest and most efficient technology.

  • Longer means Easier to use.
    58″ stainless spiral water hose.Designed to remain flexible, with the strength of steel, you won’t find a better solution. 58″ inches of our spiral water hose gives you the flexibility to stay clean and feeling great.

It’s a whole deal.
Designed with your modern bath in mind the A1 delivers a quality finish for a quality product you deserve. Increase the functionality of your bath with the addition of the A1.

Quality finish and a quality product you can trust

  • Easy to install
    Easy as 1,2,3.After connecting our Universal Fit t-connector, our easy to use mounting kit can be added to your toilet tank, or wall. You choose.The comfort style body and smooth response of the ceramic core valve give you results you expect, plus more.


    100% coverage.Bio Bidet values your business and always attempts to provide you the very best of service.Premium bidet seats come with 100% warranty coverage for 1 full years from date of purchase.It’s commitment from Bio Bidet to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability and reliability.

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  1. Jassiii

    Very easy to install. Took less than five minutes. No tools needed.

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  2. Nurep13

    Purchased the A1 handheld sprayer and it was easy to install and works great. I highly recommend it. The only thing I would complain about is I wish you didn’t have to use two levers to make it work. I hope they address that issue.

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  3. meas

    I bought it 15 days ago It works fine and very simple to connect .

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  4. Gauri

    This is such a handy product. Gives me a complete clean. I feel absolutely fresh. We moved to a new house and have now installed this in every bathroom now. Many thanks to the makers of this. product, you made my life so much easier.

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  5. RussLouisville

    I am very pleased with the new A1 attachment. Very easy to install…no worries!

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  6. Akoch

    After traveling to Europe many times we have adopted so many useful habits. This time it was about good hygiene. We bought this 2 weeks ago and love it! It shipped fast and had the easiest directions! Looks sleek and overall we are very happy with the product! Thank you guys again!

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  7. Himanshu

    I bought this 2 months ago . Excellent Product . Worth Money.

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  8. SherryZee

    I bought this months ago and just had a chance to install it. I wish I installed this the day I received it. I have used several styles of bidet sprayers over the years but I love the feature on this one. I love how you can control the pressure of the water. It looks so sleek and stylish too. I recommended this product to my friends and family too. I am planning on purchasing three more for the rest of the toilets in the house.

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